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Here at A Balanced Touch is not to be a spa of just beauty, but a spa of beauty AND health. The massages that we offer will not be a normal massage , but one with a technician who really wants the best for there client by listening and properly documenting client requests and needs. Some new news, Our facials now have organic products! What you put on your skin goes in your body we expect the best for our temple. What we also will provide be providing tea which allows your body balance its self out with its own healing elements. For those who just can't get enough or would like to bring the spa element home with you, the tea that we provide will also be yours to purchase for those relaxing needs. All of that is just the beginning. Unlike other spas, who want your money and in and out, we want to help you live healthy. How are we going to do this? By having a nutritionist its on staff, easy /healthy cook books, nutritional supplements. For your all around body balance it just takes one touch! Book your appointment today!

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